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What's the company asking you for? Good staff standards, every sentence shock! Update time:2020-11-11     :Views
Please come to solve problems, not create problems;If you can't find or solve a problem, you are a problem; As big a problem as you can solve, you can sit as high as you can;

  What did the company invite you to do?

  1. Please come to solve problems, not create problems;

  2. If you can't find or solve a problem, you are a problem;

  3. As big a problem as you can solve, you can sit as high as you can;

  4. You can get as much salary as you can solve;

  5. Let the people who solve the problems rise, let the people who make the problems give way, and let the people who complain about the problems finish class.

  The problem is your opportunity

  The company's problem: it's your opportunity to improve;

  The customer's problem: the opportunity for you to provide services;

  Your own problem: it's your chance to grow up;

  Colleague's question: you provide support and establish cooperation opportunities;

  The problem of leadership is that you actively solve the opportunity to gain trust;

  The competitor's problem: your chance to be strong.

  Don't leave the team easily

  1. Don't always think about giving up if you don't do well. Every team has problems and every team has its advantages.

  2. It's very important to follow the leadership. If you are willing to teach you, you must cherish the leadership you are willing to do.

  3. The problem of the team is your chance to stand out. To complain and complain about the team is to slap yourself in the face and say that you are incompetent, and even more, you are giving up the opportunity!

  4. With gratitude, thank the system for your platform and your partners for your cooperation.

  5. Making profits is the core value of your existence. Entrepreneurship is not charity.

  6. When you encounter problems, please think first. Only reflecting problems is the primary level, thinking and solving problems is the advanced level.

  Who can enjoy the victory

  First: people who can always grow up with the team.

  Second: people who are always optimistic about the prospects of the team.

  Third: people who can find their own position in the continuous exploration of the team.

  Fourth: people who keep learning new things for the team's new goals.

  Fifth: people with strong resistance to pressure and patience.

  Sixth: people who share the same heart and soul with the team, share weal and woe together

  Seventh: people who care about the overall situation regardless of personal gains and losses.

  Eighth: ambitious, talented and dedicated people!

  No excuses for failure

  1、 Where does your salary come from

  Why does the boss pay you? Without the rapid development of enterprises and high profits, employees can not get rich salaries. Only when the company makes money can employees get better returns. In a sense, to make money for the company is to raise your salary.

  No matter what you are engaged in, you must prove with good performance that you are a valuable asset of the company and that you can help the company make money. Whoever creates more achievements for the company will get a higher salary. Bill Gates: "the people who can make money for the company are the people the company needs most."

  2、 Without merit, hard work is "white labor"

  Enterprises want results, not processes. In an enterprise, no matter how hard and busy employees are, if they lack efficiency and fail to make achievements, then all the hard work is in vain, and all the efforts are worthless.

  1. We pursue good results. To achieve a positive result is to make our work fruitful and pursue a good result in everything we do. We are against saying nothing but doing it. At the same time, we are against doing nothing but doing it. Only persevere in paying and working hard can we get the ideal return.

  2. The extent to which an enterprise recognizes the value of its employees depends on how much the employees have created for the enterprise.

  3. We adhere to the acquisition and improvement of performance as the starting point of management, and take the level of performance as the basis for assessing the effectiveness of management.

  4. Job value and market value determine the distribution benchmark of employees, and the level of performance determines the actual acquisition of employees.

  3、 White cat, black cat, catch the mouse is a good cat

  Performance is the most powerful proof of value. What are the criteria for excellent employees? Achievements! This is the era of heroes on the basis of results, and this is the era of testing everything with results as the standard.

  4、 No performance is the exploitation of enterprises

  It's a waste of company resources to take the boss's salary but not to be enterprising. Exploitation means that you can't create value for the company.

  5、 Hold the boss's heart with first-class achievements

  Every boss, for his own benefit, will only leave those employees with the strongest business ability. Pie will not fall from the sky in vain, only if you work hard and achieve certain results, the boss will reuse you.

  As a business entity, the company must rely on profits to maintain its development, and to develop, it requires every employee in the company to contribute their strength and intelligence. The company is the battlefield where employees try to prove their performance, and the only rule for employees to prove themselves is performance. No matter when and where, if you don't make achievements, sooner or later you will be an abandoned chessman.

  What enterprises need are employees who can solve problems and work hard, rather than those who have made certain contributions but can not keep up with the pace of enterprise development.

  For leaders

  1. A leader who is strict with you is a good leader who can really help you grow up. Those who make me miserable will make me strong.

  2. Any powerful company will not give its subordinates a sense of security and motivate everyone to become strong and self-improvement in the most cruel way.

  3. If you want to give it

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