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Company profile

  Wuhu Jiuhong Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., established in May 2005, is located in Suncun Town, Fanchang County, the site of ancient human activities in Asia and Europe. It covers an area of 65000 square meters, with a construction area of 35000 square meters. It is close to Wuhu copper highway, Ningtong railway and riverside Expressway passing through the boundary, with convenient transportation.

  1、 Basic structure of the company

  The company is a private joint-stock enterprise with a registered capital of 40 million yuan. The company has six functional departments

  1. The general department is responsible for the formulation and implementation of the company's quality policies and objectives, and the preparation, management and training of the company's human resources.

  2. The production department is responsible for the production progress, quality, safety, personnel arrangement and product delivery in the company's production process. In charge of mold development and production workshop, foundry 1 workshop, foundry 2 workshop, small casting branch plant, cleaning workshop, metalworking workshop, warehouse, etc.

  3. The technical center is responsible for the research and development of new products, inspection and test of raw materials and product quality. In charge of laboratory, quality control department, etc.

  4. The business department is responsible for the company's market development and normal business tracking and service.

  5. The purchasing department is responsible for purchasing materials of the company.

  6. The finance department is responsible for the cost accounting, capital and account management of the company.

  2、 Main equipment and products of the company

  The company has a resin sand production line of 30 t / h and 10 t / h; a 40 t Italian imported sand mixer, 2 20 t sand mixers, 2 10 t sand mixers, 1 Danish disa vertical parting extrusion molding line, 1 35000 V substation, 1 20 t, 5 t electric furnace, 1 10 t, 7 T, 5 t, 3 T environmental protection cupola smelting furnace, and a set of shot blasting equipment (maximum throwing A set of 40t heat treatment chamber, 50t, 32t, 20t, 16t, 10t, 5T, etc.

  The company's main products are:

  1. Machine tool casting: bed, base, column, worktable, lifting table, gearbox, crossbeam, etc.

  2. Large pump and valve class: double suction pump with diameter over 700 and various valve castings with diameter over 1600 for steam turbine.

  3. Wind power casting: within 2MW, there are hub, base, beam, box, bearing seat, etc.

  The company now has an annual production capacity of 20000 tons of medium and large castings and 10000 tons of small castings. At present, the largest single weight of castings is 30 tons. It reached 18000 tons in 2011.

  3、 Quality assurance and quality control

  The company has the most advanced laboratory, equipped with a Japanese Shimadzu direct reading spectrometer, a set of microcomputer digital display 60 tons universal testing machine, a high-frequency infrared automatic carbon and sulfur analyzer, a furnace front rapid analyzer, a microcomputer digital multi-element automatic analyzer, a spectrophotometer, a cloth hardness tester and a portable hardness tester, a crystal phase microscope, to establish a multi-functional Chemical preparation room. Have the measurement and analysis of mechanical properties and chemical composition of castings.

  At present, there are 11 middle and senior technical personnel (with middle and senior professional titles), 23 professional and technical personnel, 20 machine tool technicians, and a large number of skilled employees with more than 20 years' experience in casting. At the same time, the enterprise is constantly introducing advanced production technology and professional talents in the industry, increasing investment in technology and R & D, so as to provide customers with better quality service with technical guarantee.

  Six years after its establishment, Based on the guidance of scientific and technological innovation, actively responding to the relevant national policies on environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, relying on the combination of "production, teaching and research", promoting the rolling development of R & D, trial production, production and sales of new products, and enterprise internal information management, the enterprise technology center has made great achievements in the field of technological innovation, new product development, patent invention, etc. The company successfully passed ISO9001-9002 international quality system certification in 2006, and was awarded "municipal enterprise technology center" in Wuhu City in 2006, recognized as "private science and technology enterprise in Anhui Province", "national high-tech enterprise" in 2007, and "provincial enterprise technology center" in 2010. In the production process of products has strong technology and quality assurance.

  4、 Corporate spirit.

  Jiuhong company will adhere to the business philosophy of "integrity, humanity, innovation and Transcendence"; always adhere to the enterprise tenet of quality first and customer first; fully carry forward the enterprise spirit of unity, struggle, development and innovation; strive to pursue 100% customer satisfaction, so as to fully display the colorful corporate culture and connotation of Jiuhong company.


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