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If you don't kill these costs of enterprises, they will kill your profits Update time:2020-11-11     :Views
In the process of development, enterprises always encounter development bottlenecks in a certain period of time. They feel that the operating costs have been rising, but it is difficult to find the "location" of costs. We call it "invisible costs".

  In the process of development, enterprises always encounter development bottlenecks in a certain period of time. They feel that the operating costs have been rising, but it is difficult to find the "location" of costs. We call it "invisible costs".

  This is like the disease implied in the life body, which can not be cured for a long time, which makes the operators feel headache. If we can find these "hidden costs", it is no doubt like finding "pathogens", then the next step of "suit the right medicine" must be the time to take off again.

  If we can sum up a variety of "invisible costs" that often exist in enterprises, enterprises can carry out comparative self-examination. Are you still "invisible" today?

  1 conference cost

  Meeting is a collective activity for enterprises to solve problems and issue instructions, but it is also a high cost business activity. Because this activity is often a collective activity participated by many leaders, every minute means the number of minutes of the total number of participants. However, many enterprise managers do not master the skills of meeting. There are "no preparation before the meeting, no theme in the meeting, no implementation after the meeting, no need for meeting, no control of time and no margin of speech". When salary is paid and income is summarized every month, the figures in the financial statements are always the effective "insomnia medicine" for the operators. However, a large part of the "medicine" is the meeting.

  2 procurement cost

  There are different ways of purchasing in different companies, but this is an important part of the cost of enterprise operation. We often only focus on the price and quantity of procurement, and it is difficult to see other factors.

  Once upon a time, when an enterprise was working on a new project, the operating cost of the project team was 80000 yuan per day. However, on the eve of the launch of the product, the purchasing department even spent a week in order to purchase more than 100000 yuan of packaging. The reason was to find a low-cost supplier to save the purchase cost. As a result, the entire marketing team could not sign a contract with customers for an extra week. In fact, this phenomenon exists in many enterprises.

  The pursuit of reducing the direct cost of procurement blindly ignores the "invisible cost" coexisting at the same time. Of course, there is no conflict between reducing the direct cost of procurement and this paper. Here, what we want to say is that the purchasing department of an enterprise should stand on the angle of overall operation and comprehensively weigh various indicators to truly control the cost of procurement.

  3 communication cost

  Communication is an important part of enterprise operation. Many enterprises are doing a lot of institutional training and spiritual training, but most of them have no "communication ability" training. In most enterprises, you will find that in the process of communication between colleagues, there will be serious distortion, or the words do not express the meaning, or the answers are not correct, or a hundred people can understand This phenomenon, to say the least, makes many processes ineffective or loses many important opportunities. If it is too big, it may bring hidden dangers to enterprises. This is a typical cost increase caused by poor communication.

  4 overtime cost

  Many bosses always think that the "overtime" of employees after work is a kind of professional phenomenon. However, there may be high costs involved. There are three reasons

  First, the reason for overtime is not necessarily because the work task is too heavy, but because the staff's work efficiency is low. Overtime means low efficiency. If the objective task is really heavy, then the enterprise should timely add new personnel and posts, which is the real development and progress.

  Second, overtime consumes more energy and physical strength of employees, which seriously overdrafts the health of employees. In the long run, some important employees will not be able to play their roles for a long time, and there is a hidden danger that it will bring burden to the company.

  Third, overtime employees are not necessarily "in business". Some employees take advantage of the company's resources to engage in their personal affairs and receive the company's overtime pay after work. Many enterprises' important losses and data loss occur during the off-duty hours, and overtime has become a dead corner for enterprises to "hide evil and hide filth".

  5. Cost of talent flow

  There are many enterprises in the human resources management is very deficient, they think that the talent is unlimited, become the "iron barracks", employees naturally become the "flowing soldiers".

  It can't be said that the departure of an employee is a cost to the company, because the company has to bear the initial investment such as the training fee for the employee, the initial cost of recruiting the new employee, and the risk of whether the new employee is suitable for the post. The departure of an old employee may lose important internal information or information due to the relationship of professional quality After leaving, they are likely to enter the enterprises of their competitors.

  Therefore, the loss of employees, especially the old employees, will undoubtedly bring the enterprise several times higher than its income. Many small enterprises have been running for many years, and you find that they have always been such a small team. Besides the boss, none of the employees are from the beginning of the establishment of the enterprise. I think this may be an important reason for its failure to develop.

  6. Post dislocation cost

  There is a famous saying in human resource management: "put the right person in the right place". Unfortunately, there are not many enterprises that can really do this. I used to recruit in a talent market. I heard the conversation among its employees that they were required to move tables and chairs every time the job fair was held, because it was a rented gymnasium for recruitment

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